Minnesota Twins: 2018 season Campaign

After clenching a playoff spot in the 2017 season, the Minnesota Twins wanted a full redesign for their 2018 season—the friendly, American past-time team was officially out. With mission in mind, the “This Is How We Baseball” campaign was launched. The foundation of the campaign design was a modular system of photos, illustrations, type and textures that provoked elation and highlighted the dynamic movements of the sport. Alongside the loud layouts and imagery, subtle design choices made the campaign increasingly ownable to the Twins, including the selection of typography designed by local artists, sourcing all imagery and textures from Target Field, and producing a campaign logo lock-up that loosely mimics the Minnesota state shape. Using this fresh design system, a broad collection of work was produced for the campaign launch and subsequent 2018 season that boldly stood out amongst the noise of sports advertising.

Roles: graphic designer, logo design, branding + identity, color theory, typography, layout, art direction, print production

Deliverables: comprehensive set of brand guidelines, campaign logo lock-up (English, Japanese, Spanish, German), two commercial spots, season ticket-holder box, StarTribune newspaper spread, static + animated billboards, collection of posters, social media teasers, magazine ad, digital banner ads


:30 — Can’t Stop / Won’t Stop


:30 — We’ll beat ya