hello, my name is kate.

I’ve always felt fortunate to have this undeniable draw to the arts. In kindergarten I was placed in an art program that I didn’t leave until finishing high school. I went to a liberal arts college on a painting scholarship and quickly became fascinated by the breadth of marketing and discovered an attraction to express art through digital platforms. Today my MacBook is my main canvas. I find thrills in using creativity to solve problems and strive to surround myself with emotion evoking design. These interests turned passions have provided me with a foundation of skills and knowledge but, more importantly, have led to a dedication to practice design.

Outside of work you’ll find me skiing and boarding in the mountains, reading at the beach or, as always, covered in paint.



Subaru of America. Truvia. U.S. Bank. Minnesota Twins. Red Baron Pizza. Stacy’s Pita Chips. Helzberg Diamonds. Sherwin Williams. Thermos. Meet Minneapolis. Jennie-O. P.R. Arla. Castello. Marvin Windows & Doors. Week. Jack Links. Lorissa’s Kitchen. Post. DSM. Crystal B. Designs. B. Brand. Carmichael Lynch.


Kate Mickelson
315 7th Avenue North | Unit #509
Minneapolis, MN 55401

651 468 5247