B. Brand: Custom Uniform Concept


In anticipation of the launch of B. Brand, a custom line of uniforms for the luxury hospitality industry, an original logo and visual identity were created to establish the brand as a separate business entity from founder Crystal B. Designs—an avant-garde fashion company in Chicago—yet remain cohesive in style/tone for brand unity. In this effort, emphasis was placed on curating a refined color palette and selecting typography that would elevate the high-end façade of the brand. To highlight a key competitive advantage with sleek pockets and pen departments hidden in layers of fabric, the woven logo and poster-fold lookbook create their own unique layers. The geometric logo, influenced by structural forms and lines found in the apparel, was developed by weaving two 'B’s together like thread. Whereas the lookbook, filled with editorial layouts describing the clothing customization process, uses the folds of paper to provide new surprises with each turn.

Roles: graphic designer, branding + identity, logo design, typography, color theory, vector art illustration, imagery, layout, brochure/lookbook design

Deliverables: logo, poster-fold lookbook, website layout, social media teasers, comprehensive set of brand guidelines



Color Palette



Logo + Brand EXECUTION